A Sissy Cuckold Life

My Favourite Links

A Few To Get Us Going

Well I have literally hundreds and will add these over a few months, but here are a few me and my mistress use (a couple are our own):

For cuckold lifestyle dating we Bull Femdom and Cuckold. We have met a couple of bulls of there. Also met a sissy who wanted my hotwife to seriously punish his cucky sissy ass!

For links to cuckold lifestyle websites we use Cuckold Links they are mostly free sites

The wife sells her used panties on her own website. I know I would say this, but they are genuinely well worn knickers. Not like some of these girls selling their knickers who buy them cheap in multipacks and then wear them for a few hours. Some of them she has been wearing when fucking her bulls in front of me. Check them out here.

I am building a new blog for you to download free cuckold clips and pics here though it is early days, so bear with me.

Final one for now will be a forum which we are members of, which is Cuckold Forum.

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Got every kind of person on there, and some really nice genuine singles and couples (the odd prat but that goes with the territory!).